Our values


We refer to them often, in internal conversations as much as with our clients. One thing is clear: we’re not here to talk the talk, we make it our responsibility to live by them and these are non-negotiable!

Our values are the heart of FX and they inspire us.
Are we perfect? Do we live by them constantly, 24-7? No!  But you can be certain that we put a lot of energy into making sure that we are in alignment with them. For this reason, you have the right – and even the duty – to speak up when you feel that we’re not holding up to them. In a team, it’s not just the captain, but everyone that is responsible to take the lead. We are all ambassadors of FX. That is why if you see or experience something that is out of line with our values, whether it’s in relation to a colleague, a manager or a client,
it’s important to speak up!

Keep focused - Be masters of priority management.  Be efficient - Spend the majority of our time on value added actions. Find solutions - Identifiying a problem is the easy part. Each of us must take action to find and implement the solution. Be responsible - Shoulder your responsabilities and deliver. 


Work together - Each of us has a part to plays. "The Stanley Cup is won by a team, not just players".
Innovate together 
- Let's stand out! Take the time to put forward creative ideas - whether they are small or large scale.   Have humility - Let's put our egos aside. Being right is not what counts. We're working together on shared goals.


Flip your switch ON! - Show some spirit! We are all responsible for the energy we bring to work.
 Be open - Let's have the courage to promote positive, and truth telling communication. In the right context, with the proper tone ans word choice, everything can be communicated. Celebrate success - There's no shortage of those here! 

​Cultivate positive relationships with our colleagues, clients, partners and our community. Don't take anyone for granted.  Our colleagues - Provide them with a healthy, stimulating, flexible environment, a place where they can learn and communicate with each other with transparency.  Our clients - Offer them WOW experience and build mutually beneficial relationships. Our partners - They are our team mates also, we look out for each other.  Our community - We all contribute in our way. Share what you can, give back!